Character Restriction Schedule

We’re excited to have had such an incredible beginning to the Blade & Soul Head Start period for Founder’s Pack owners. While we’re continuing to monitor the game service, by and large the only service issue we’ve been tracking has been that a large number of people are congregating on just a couple servers out of all of those available, resulting in some high wait times to play on those servers. To help ensure player populations are Cheap Blade And Soul Gold evenly spread out across all servers, we will be implementing a rotating schedule that will restrict the creation of new characters per server. Please see the below schedule for the times in which new characters cannot be created for each server.

This only affects players that do not have existing characters on the restricted servers. We’ll be continuously evaluating the rotating schedule and adjusting accordingly.

Schedule Override:

The below schedule may be adjusted in real time during peak time. Even if a server is listed as restricted below, it might actually be open and likewise, even if a server isn't supposed to be restricted at a specific time, restrictions might be put in place.

In order to get the latest information on which servers are available and Blade & Soul Gold which aren't, please make sure to read the thread below. We will keep updating that thread in real time as the situation evolves.

Thank you for your understanding.

Blade & Soul Launch FAQ

In 8 hours, Blade & Soul will be open to all to log in! After all the work it took to get here, we’re experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, and we are so excited Blade & Soul is launching! While we are hoping for the best when the floodgates open tonight at 9 PM PST (12:00 AM EST), we are Buy BNS Gold preparing for any server issues that may arise.

Blade & Soul faces the same challenges as any MMO at launch; the veteran MMO players will be well aware of what can happen when a game launches, but for those who aren’t aware we’ve put together a list of the common issues we may face in the coming days.

For launch, for all players, we would like for you to keep in mind the following:

There will be Queues - Servers like Mushin and Windrest experienced queues over Early Access, and we anticipate a few more servers will also have queues to get in. We do have recommended servers for new players to start on and to spread population across all our servers, we have a rotation schedule of servers will not be available for new character creation. You can see that schedule here.

There may be Downtime – We aren’t expecting to bring the servers down during the launch period, but there may be some unforeseeable issues that creep up and require us to do so. If we do bring down the servers at any point, it is so we can resolve the particular issue and to improve the health and longevity of our servers in the long run.

There will be Crowds – You may notice the starting area may be crowded and that’s because everybody is starting the game at the same time as you are! Blade & Soul has channels and at any time you can switch to any available channel.

There will be High Level & Max Level Players – With Cheap BNS Gold Early Access starting last Friday, we have many players that have high level, if not, max level characters. Don’t be discouraged to start and take your time leveling to best familiarize yourself with the game.

Thank you and see you in game soon!

Weirdly some zones seem to have darker tones

Weirdly some zones seem to have darker tones anyway so i haven't noticed the lack and to be fair with the weird glitchyness of some spots that you have to scale or jump from(cinderlands has a fair number of these) darkness would make things more tricky and annoying than they already seem at times so at least for that reason it's a good thing there aren't cycles.

At the very least you do run into a sub-area that is set at Buy BNS Gold around sunset and the area just behind it is set at night.

I think I've actually spent more time in games being annoyed that it was Buy BNS Gold the night cycle than actively enjoying it. The colors tend to be dulled heavily and it makes screenshots and/or just looking at things significantly less interesting.

I am sad there won't be any sort of weather effects, as those can add some meaningful RP, and in a lot of games lately, they have a lasting amount of time - I don't want to talk about how often our outdoor RPs in XIV get super long rain issues!

The day/night cycles being gone is kinda okay. I really would prefer if games would have like, actual 12 hour day/night cycles or something close to it rather than super fast day/night cycles or none at all. Or at least 6 hour cycles.

Situational Combos

Situational Combos

Situational combos take advantage of an opponents situation, such as being rooted. With enough experience you’ll find Cheap BNS Gold what skills work best together depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

The Force Master, for example, has a situational combo using “Dragonfrost” to root an opponent in front of them. Once immobilized, the Force Master can drop a “Blazing Wall” of fire on the opponent’s location, and they will continuously receive damage until they break free.

High Impact Combos

When you string together a series of attacks that cause massive amounts of damage, you’ll receive a boost—giving certain other skills a buff. For example, when the Blade Master successfully “Blocks” an attack, their “Pierce” skill gains Maximum Boost, which allows them to strike back multiple times in rapid succession.

There are wise sages throughout the Earthen Realm who will clue you into new Buy BNS Gold combos concepts. There are no completely defined combos—you’re able to creatively explore and find ways of stringing abilities together that works best for you and your combat style.

The Force Master Overview

The Force Master is a ranged class that boasts powerful single-target spells, area-of-effect abilities, and significant crowd-control, but at the expense of defensive ability, limited escape options, and a requirement to carefully manage their resource: Focus. They’re also one of the few classes that rely heavily on debuffs to be effective. While they’re distinct tradeoffs, the result is a powerful spell caster in the right hands.

Force Masters utilize abilities that cause flame and cold damage, and can use more powerful abilities of each type by changing into their Fire Mode Stance or Frost Mode Stance. While not all abilities require a stance, all Force Masters will need to delicately juggle how to use each, and when.

Fire Mode Stance is the primary damage dealing stance, containing powerful abilities. Fire skills stack Embers on the target, and at 5 Embers allow the Force Master to detonate them to cause additional damage, and apply the Burn debuff. When enemies are burning, fire abilities deal additional damage.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

Frost Mode Stance contains crowd control and defensive skills, as well as abilities that regain Focus; Frost skills also increase the Force Master’s character defenses. Repeated use of Frost abilities on an enemy will cause them to get the Chill debuff, which restricts movement speed. Enough Chill, and Force Masters can Freeze the enemy in place, even going so far as keeping the enemy entirely out of combat under a Deep Freeze.It is believed that you can buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day.


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