Queuing is still using abilities too quickly in runescape

Ability queuing is a great idea. It's something that we really have needed for a long time, and I actually suggested it myself the week before the beta went live. One of the largest problems that the EoC introduced was that ping became an issue. Since EoC combat relies on split-second (.6 second) reactionary times, hitting a button and not having the action register for an extra game tick is a huge deal. With ability queuing, hopefully this will be resolved.

One of the issues I ran into with ability queuing was that it makes movement and kiting-type styles of combat almost impossible. For example, I was trying to do ascension legiones on the beta, and it was almost impossible. Since the ability isn't used when you hit the button, rather a second or so afterward, it cancels movement. I've come to the conclusion that this is actually a major issue that needs to be fixed. The easiest thing to do is to have abilities not cancel movement.There's a flashing problem that occurs sometimes when using abilities rapidly with queuing.Sometimes is you queue an ability too quickly after using another ability, it uses the ability but the cooldown circle doesn't show. It seems that if you queue the next ability directly after using runescape gold.If the queuing circle could be made brighter that would be nice. I actually liked the old glow method better.

Queuing is still using abilities too quickly. Jagex, queuing should use each ability every 1.8 seconds, NOT 1.2 seconds. It's working so well that it's using the ability directly the global cooldown ends, resulting in the global cooldown being 1.2 seconds, which should NOT happen.It seems that the global cooldown disappearing when switching targets has been resolved, thanks for that one! Queuing an ability and then using other abilities (non queued) still doesn't clear the queued ability.

Only abilities on the bar can be queued, using abilities from the ability book cannot be queued. In fact, abilities in the book don't even show cooldown - in live it does. Both of these need to be fixed (honestly, abilities on the bar should jut be a reference to those in the book, they don't need to be completely different objects).





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