Zaros is the embodiment of an old testament ruler in runescape

The world shaking as the portal glows brighter, power growing, and whilst it does so, the key Zarosians each say something vaguely epic-sounding and ominous, ultimately culminating with Azzanadra saying: 'The Great Lord is come!', which the others then repeat as one. As they do so, the scene would play out similar to how you described, Balustan, with Sliske either coming out of the portal and morphing to reflect that Zaros was now in control, or teleporting in from the Shadow Realm ready to receive the incorporeal Zaros as he arrives through the portal. In the case of the latter, the two would then merge as Zaros assumed control, and THEN the body would morph.

However, in mine, Zamorak and Saradomin would not appear (at least not during the ceremony). Instead, Zaros would remark on his return, with adoring compliments from his Faithful (like Azzanadra and Char), before commenting that his plans could now really come to fruition, and teleporting away to an undisclosed location, with a number of Faithful following. Azzanadra would stay behind, thank us for runescape gold, then promise that with Zaros restored, the fun would now truly begin, before joining his fellows (after giving rewards) and teleporting away. If Zamorak and Saradomin were to appear, it would then be now, having failed to prevent Zaros' return.

Zaros is the embodiment of an old testament ruler who intends to rule from afar by use of prophetic and powerful beings to guide the world to his vision of perfect, and while the vision may be functional it is a vision stagnant. Oh, and to make things worse, where as the old testament ruler supposedly claimed to be all knowing, Zaros is not.

But regardless, you fail to realize your folly. Zaros is not going to prevent war, no he will come and bring war to all that oppose him and are seen as obstacles to his world. No, Zaros is a mysterious and wise being. But one who rejects humanity.Guthix was not naive, he understood that humanity dreams to move forward, that they will grow and aspire to fix their own problems, they will overcome their obstacles and they will become stronger through it. Guthix believed in us to be the solution he could never be, Guthix was simply put the one who had thought things through.





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