Runescape Pyramid Agility Course

Alright, so you're just starting agility and wondering what is the best way to train it up at level 1. Easy, deposit all of your food / armour into the bank, equip your spottier cape and boots of lightness (if you have them) and either teleport to the Gnome Stronghold using the Spirit Tree or walk from Seers Village. Once you arrive at the Stronghold, get ready to begin the Agility Skill.

At the Gnome Stronghold Agility course (located South-East of the stronghold), it is impossible to fail; even at level 1, so make sure you haven't brought any food or armour as it will just decrease your run, something you don't want if you are trying to get your maximum experience per hour.To begin, walk into the arena, and walk along the log balance, once completed, climb the netting, then the branch and you will now notice yourself directly next to a rope. Click this rope and once you pass, click the branch closest to you. You will now notice yourself back to the ground, quickly click the netting north of you and once completed click one of the two pipes. Congratulations, you've completed your first Agility lap.

Each one of these laps gives rs gold, which in total is approximately 6,400 experience per hour. Not a huge amount, but it's the best experience you will be getting at this level.Personally, I recommend staying here until 30 Agility. Once achieved, get ready to move onto two new courses - The Pyramid Agility course!

Congratulations on completing the first step towards your Agility Cape, but be warned, you are still nowhere near that cape, but luckily, the experience will start to pick up.
You should now be 30 Agility minimum and have access to the new course - The Pyramid Agility Course. This course is by far the fastest experience you will have ever gotten for agility; bringing in approximately 25 k experience per hour, the only downside to this course is that you NEED to bring many waterskin (4) as well as half an inventory of food.

The aim of this course is also quite simple to understand; it requires you to make your way to the top of the pyramid by making your way along the outer walls. There are quite a few obstacles in this course that you will need to pass; each one you fail will deal 60-100 life point damage, so remember to bring food and watch out!

As you go up the levels in the course, there are certain obstacles which can 'knock you down' to the the level underneath you, watch out for these as they do deal damage as well as slowing your agility experience down drastically. Personally, I recommend staying here until 52 agility, this shouldn't take too long and it is by far the best experience you will obtain over any other courses at this level. Congratulations on completing the second step; you should now be 52 Agility, it's time to move on once again.





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