Runescape Ring Slot Guide

In Kuradal’s dungeon, the best choice is the Ferocious Ring, which is dropped by monsters in Kuradal’s dungeon at a rate of approximately 1 per task on average. The Ferocious ring gives a boost of 40 life points on any damage you do against a monster in Kuradal’s Dungeon. It also comes with 5 charges to teleport to Kuradal. The ring disappears after all 5 charges are used; make sure you never use the last charge on your last ring so that you have one to wear in Kuradal's dungeon even if you can't use them to teleport to Kuradal until you get more rings.

Outside Kuradal’s dungeon, the best choice is the Berserker ring, which gives +4 strength. If you imbue the berserker ring, the bonus increases to +8 strength, but this is not worth the time, as I mentioned earlier. The onyx ring (i) isn’t worth the time either, and only gives attack and defence rs gold, not strength. The one good alternate to the Berserker ring is the Warrior ring, but is has only +4 slash attack and defence and no strength bonus. This doesn’t even help you if you’re using the rapier! Still, if you are using a slash weapon, this is something. So is to better to have an attack bonus, or an equal strength bonus? As I see it, strength bonus helps when you hit, and attack helps you when you aren't hitting. So if you are hitting a monster frequently, strength bonus is better to have. The berserker ring should be better than the warrior ring if you are hitting over 50% of the time.

Another option is the Explorer’s ring, which gives +1 prayer. Finally, the last resort is the ring of wealth, but apparently it doesn’t even help on drops like whips because they aren’t considered “rare” drops. It also doesn’t affect charm drops or effigy drops. When maging, you should use the seers’ ring (330k), and when ranging, you should use the archers’ ring (1.5m). Both give +4 in their appropriate stats. The onyx ring (i) would actually be better than both, but this takes a long time to get and is not really worth it.





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