Runescape PvP Guide for a Maxed Rune Pure

Here are several good setups to PK. This guide assumes a knowledge of basic PKing setups, switches, terms etc. Here's a brief review.

No arm: Wear no defence-giving equipment. Usually, monk robes are suggested. Sometimes, green dragonhide chaps are allowed (because 1 defence pures can wear them), but it depends on the person. Range 2H: You have a maple bow and adamant arrows out. As you lift the bow, click to wield a melee weapon, then click to attack your opponent. The 2 damage splats from the bow and KO weapon will stack. Prayer bubble: You can and should set your quick prayers. I personally use Ultimate Strength and Incredible Reflexes, in order to make combos easier. You click it to activate the selected prayers. Safing: In low-level PvP, don't eat above 200. Above 80 combat, you can eat at 300. If both players have gravite 2H swords, you can eat at 350. Do NOT eat above these guidelines. If your opponent consistently safes, leave him alone. Gravite 2H: The new PKing weapon. Get it from Dungeoneering.

F-Keys: F1 takes you to your inventory, F2 to your equipped items interface, F3 to the prayers tab, F4 to the magic spellbook, and F5 to the attack style screen. Learn these and use them well. Rune pures are most potent from 70 combat onwards, which is when 1 defence pures start losing consistency. Therefore, we will not cover low level PvP here. 70+ strength and ranged are recommended before PKing. I strongly suggest fighting in world 32, the Bounty Hunter +1 world. If you don't use this world, you risk the Gravite 2H and are pretty much limited to the basic range-rune 2H setup. I recommend choosing the setups you want, and buying runescape gold. Ten is the bare minimum. I had over 50 no arm range 2H sets at one point.





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