Runescape Gargoyles Guide

Gargoyles' main drops are Rune full helms, Adamant boots, Black mystic tops, and Granite mauls. Usually you get 1-3 of at least one of those per task. They also drop level 3 clues and Ancient Effigies (occasionally at least).

It’s fairly obvious that if you get Gargoyles from Kuradal, the best location is Kuradal’s Dungeon. There are quite a few Gargoyles there and it is fast to get to. You cannot cannon Gargoyles in any location, and you can only use a combat familiar at the Gargoyles in the Chaos Tunnels but it doesn’t help much, so Kuradal’s Dungeon works quite well. Don’t forget to wear a Ferocious Ring when using Kuradal’s Dungeon. In Kuradal’s Dungeon it doesn’t matter too much how many people are on the server, and there can be 1-2 people killing Gargoyles at the same time as you without you losing too much runescape 2007 gold.In the case that you get Gargoyles from Duradel or Sumona, the best location would be the Chaos Tunnels because it is extremely fast to get to. Simply bank in Edgeville, then run northwest to the entrance to the Chaos tunnels in level 4 wilderness. Unless you are on a low population world, you only need to use 2 out of the 4 spawns in the room.

To get maximum speed, I suggest that you stand 3 squares west of the rope, where you can reach both of the southern two Gargoyles when they spawn. They can wander away though, so make sure you attack them immediately after they spawn, even if you are still fighting the other. I'm sure you can survive two Gargoyles attacking you.

A whip is NOT the best non-chaotic weapon to use on Gargoyles. Because Gargoyles are much weaker to crush attacks than slash attacks, a Saradomin Sword is the best non-chaotic weapon. A Zamorakian spear on crush probably would be better than a whip as well, although worse than a Saradomin sword. If you have any chaotic weapon, however, that would be best to use. I am not sure which chaotic weapon would be best, but a chaotic rapier definitely seems to be better than a Saradomin sword on Gargoyles.To kill Gargoyles, you must smash them with a rock hammer when they have low lifepoints (maybe under 100 lifepoints left or so). If you use slayer points to buy the ability to deliver killing blows faster, this is done automatically when the Gargoyle reaches 0 lifepoints. However, it can save time to still use the hammer manually (this can now be done easily by a right click option on the Gargoyle) because this can be done when the Gargoyle’s lifepoints is not yet all the way to 0.






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