Runescape Slayer Points and Cancelling Tasks Guide

After completing 4 consecutive tasks, you will begin receiving 18 points per task from Kuradal, 15 points per task from Duradel, or 12 points from Sumona, except on every 10th task when you get 5 times the usual amount, and on every 50th task, when you get 15 times the usual amount. Considering all these bonuses, will gain 24 points per task on average if you use Duradel for runescape gold, or 28.8 points per task on average if you use Kuradal for all your tasks.

Take care not to focus on points *too* much. Training slayer should be your priority when training slayer, as obvious as that might sound. There is advice floating around about using the Canifis master to get Slayer Points faster, and that seems ridiculous to me because Slayer Points are just intended to be a small bonus to slayer training, not something that takes over your training.

Even so, I'd suggest that you begin a streak and never end it. Instead of “Burthorpeing” tasks you don't like, simply permanently cancel them (100 points per task). Or, if you don't have enough points yet, or want to switch more than 5 tasks, spent 30 points to switch a single task. Therefore, there is no reason to ever do a task from Turael.

With your points, you should cancel 5 tasks, get the ability to make the slayer helmet, get the ability to make the slayer ring, and get the ability to deliver killing blows more quickly. All of these are important for slayer. The ability to fletch broad bolts and broad arrows you do not HAVE to get, but broad arrows are a common way for high leveled players to train fletching, although they are not my method of choice. I don’t suggest unlocking Aquanites, since they are a bad task, and I don’t suggest spending 2000 points to unlock ice strykewyrms unless you absolutely cannot complete the fight caves.





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