Runescape Margins

In this case, the margin is 2k. The margin on any item is the difference between the lowest sell offer and the highest buy offer, at any given time. Here is is 38k-36k = 2k.Very often, for relatively cheap items like r2h's, to discover the margins players will buy 1 rune 2h sword for a lot of money and resell very cheap. Here this will result in them buying for 38k and selling for 36k, revealing the margin.

If I was interested in flipping r2h's, for example, I would now know to buy a bunch of them at 36001 gp and sell at rs gold, because those are currently the best buy/sell offers in the GE and so they would be completed whenever someone instantly buys or sells a r2h. I couldn't guarantee that buying at 36k flat gives me the best offer because the player to whom I sold the sword might be buying more than 1 (in this case he's not, but we don't know) meaning that his older offer would be prioritized over mine.This is less effective for items limited at 2 or 1 (limits discussed later) or very expensive items, for which the test will be very costly or will only leave you with 1 item left to flip.

For some of these it's best to check the prices using the FC's or forum threads in Item Discussion. These low limit items include level 90 gear, Nex gear, discontinued items, and third-age.Margins change as people place new offers. For example, there's nothing stopping another player from trying to sell his r2h at 37k flat. This would decrease the margin is now decreased to 1k because the difference between the best sell and buy offers is now 1k.If you're familiar with real life stocks, margins are basically the difference between bid and ask prices.





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