They contain far more strategy and interactivity than EoC currently does in runescape

Although, I'm not simply comparing EoC to the old system. I'm comparing it to other games, which use similar combat systems, and they contain far more strategy and interactivity than EoC currently does.

I've supported improving EoC greatly (reworking basics even to add more strategy in choosing with basic to use when etc), or simply going back to the foundation of the old system and building upon that and putting that combat through an 'evolution' more so than a complete rework, as the EoC was.Pre-EoC I'd play no matter what, because it was unique and very enjoyable to me as a player, and I wouldn't put any combat system before it on RuneScape, because it was runescape 2007 gold for so many years and worked very well, and I enjoyed it more than I could ever enjoy EoC or other games comvbat system. Not that Pre-EoC was the most amazingly advanced system, but I'd rather have the diversity of stab/slash/crush bonuses etc than the current system of accuracy and damage.

I find right down to the very 'operating system' or formulas used by Pre-EoC worked well in balancing PvM and PvP for many years, yet with the EoC we're having a very hard time balancing the combat becayse of abilities and weapons, both must be balanced.

I could talk forever about EoC vs. Pre-EoC, but I'd rather not. I'd simply leave it at this as my opinion, either remove EoC and start again, or improve it. I voted yes to legacy, just to show jagex the desire for old combat, not because I wanted it tbh, I'd rather have one or the other being improved rather than both, in which legacy still uses broken EoC mechanics.





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