EoC is fighting through abilities

It is true that the current live combat system is not gone, but it will be soon be when EoC comes out.I did cover that momentum ability idea before. And it was said that, if I don't like abilities, why would I use one every 15 minutes to being with. If I accept that, then that means I can also accept the rest of the abilities. Which I dislike which in addition abilities isn't the only huge change coming with EoC that I dislike. I feel EoC needs to be scrapped and a new project with the intention to improve the current combat system is started.

Zenly, I would also like to say, and as covered before in the previous posts, EoC is not any more engaging or more interesting than the current combat. Both active and passive engagement with combat are present in both systems. Abilities are designed for a temporary instanced styled game sessions. Runescape requires the opposite of that.
Can you imagine abilities against a chaos druid of combat level 13, or in EoC a different higher level but of the similar strengths for hours and hours for runescape gold. Or training combat against cows, crabs, barbarians.In relation to the beta idea, EoC is only receiving minor changes here and there, the core ideas and concepts will remain, because that is what makes EoC Evolution of Combat. It is in testing stage to cover any bugs and make small desirable changes.Contrary to players belief and developers spreading the wrong idea, EoC is final and there is no plans to remove it. It is still in beta to cover small changes and give players a little way to influence the smaller changes.

EoC is fighting through abilities, protection prayer nerf, armor boost of hp, new combat formula, change of stats representation, combat triangle at it's basic, and massive world changes to fit for those changes. The only way, they will scrap EoC is if the Players voice out in large numbers.Let us not hurt the game. Let us make it better.





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