Runescape change of Combat Levels

This one bugs me. It is not something I prefer over the original logic of the "Previous" game system. I feel our life points should remain constant and dependent on our level in that skill, not dependent on armor hp boosts. If this move occurred to promote defense, then it could have been done in far more desirable outcomes. Noticeably a defense boost or absorbtion stat addition to content of the rs gold. In effect giving advantage to those who train defense, as well as creating the need for others to take advantages of the boost that make distinct effect on a players' win or loss.

This move created a further buggy problem of the massive hp change for players who wished to switch equipments either in battle or not. This hurt player preference and experience. Solving this problem by healing at banks is just a blind cover over the issue.

I ask you developers to go back to the original concept of hp being dependent on skill lever rather than armor boosts. This will eventually lead you to change other things but it should stand out that they shouldn't of have been changed to begin with. Especially since the system was full of quality. It is hard to believe that so much of the game has to change only so it can suit the new system of combat. So many NPCs changing in their combat levels, and damage infliction and damage reception. That White Knight who was level 36-42 are now higher in levels and so are just about every NPC you are so familiar with receiving such changes.Without a doubt these changes comes to make the runescape gold.But then the question is why are these changes taking place when there are much better ways to handle the issues, that you developers feel that exist with the "Prev" game.

The evolution is a great way to start a new game, but not to replace an existing loved game that Runescape had become all this time.

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