Important runescape question about zaros

I want to ask the most important rs gold questions about Zaros hoping to get some answers.

First of all, Lennisa from the Ghostly Robes miniquest said that if Zaros had attacked any other god then he would have been defeated because then all the gods would team up against him and EASILY defeat him. In the Joy of Zaros podcast they stated that Zaros fought other gods, then how come they did not gang up against him?

Lenissa also said that had he acquired the Staff of Armadyl he would then defeat every diety yet in the podcast they said he never needed an elder artefact. Which one is true?

Zaros was a tier 2 god and he was only slightly weaker than Guthix accordig to Jagex, why didn't he banish all the gods like Gtuhix did?

How come Zamorak who was a tier 4 god was able to stand against Saradomin who possesed the Stone of Jas, Bandos and Armadyl who had the staff of Armadyl, and even get the upper hand yet Lennisa say that Zaros would have lost against the other runescape 2007 gold? Does that mean Zamorak is actually stronger than Zaros?

Why did Zaros not interfere directly during the Kharidian-Zarosian war? Why did he simply let his troops fight the Desert Pantheon and their mahjarrat? Wasn't it obvious the Zarosian soldiers would lose?

Even if Zamorak was the strongest mahjarrat, had acquired the SoJ and the SoA, how did he defeat in combat a tier 2 god? Zaros was fighting back not like the event of Guthix and Skargaroth were the later was on his back unconscious and was very open. Why didn't Zaros teleport Zamorak away or control him? Tier 3 gods can control other gods, can't a tier 2 god like Zaros control a mortal like Zamorak?

I'm talking about the end when they all teamed up. And Zarmorak used the stone BEFORE he became a god, along with the Staff Armadyl to defeat Zaros.
Saradomin and the other gods banished Zamorak the Saradomin confisticated the stone Zamorak returned and started the godwars to get the stone back so why did he not get KO;ed by Saradomin who had the Stone?

In the joy of Zaros they said he NEVER needed the power of the elder artefacts and that Zaros never would have used them to increase his power but would lock them so no one can use them runescape gold.





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