Level Up System Runescape

know I'm being stubborn. But the only way anyone could find the simplistic level up system runescape has is if they are only use to playing games were they reach X location, world, game level and they get handed items. So actually having to work for said items would be considered hard to them.

Your also forgetting the large variety of mini games, activities that give rs gold of exp to players in one way shape or form. Troll War-zone, God Statues, weekly penguins, ToG, Pest Control, SW, Daily challenges, Sink holes, etc, etc. From a gamers perspective long is not hard. Hard is being trapped in a small room while a massive boss attacks you. While you have to avoid his attacks that 2 hit KO you while he randomly fires eggs that spawn little guys to attack you and stun you so he can hit you. While trying to conserve your limited ammo supply. Or after slaughtering storm troopers for a few levels going up against on Force Unleashed on hardest game mode running into purge troopers who are able to near instant kill you at max health, are force and saber resistant so they barely have any effect on them.

Darting in and out, using environment to your advantage to block the rocket they fire at you while slowly whittling down their health till you can finish them off with force lightening is hard. Simply sitting at your computer for 4 hours pointing and clicking over and over again how ever long it is. Is not hard.Because someone with all 99s except defense is as runescape 2007 gold as someone with all stats at 1 and 99 defense.

Still doesn't explain the 1 range, magic with 99 everything else being a 138. When the old system was supposedly more accurate or better representation then new system.





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