Graphics in runescape

Werewolves and Canifis (2014):
The Werewolves and Canifis are due for a graphical overhaul.Although they are not as far behind as some areas they are a longshot behind the most rs gold recent graphical reworks.

Dwarfs and Keldagrim (September 2013):
The Dwarvish Graphics have been in the work for a long time, though so far Jagex have only given us small teasers, such as Doric and his son Boric and Dwarf NPCs like Rutmir Arnhold and Teplin Macagan. When the rework does go live Keldagrim should receive a facelift as well. This Graphical Update will go live with the Birthright of the Dwarves in September.

Falador (2013):
A Falador Graphical update has been confirmed multiple times, firstly by Mod Pascal during an interview (the release date of this interview is unknown.) And later in the Fourth Livestream.

Varrock (2014):
There has been no Jagex confirmation of this rework. However, at the Diamond Jubilee we saw an early version of an eventual Varrock Rework. We saw updated grass, walls, weapon-sheilds and new floor tiles rs 2007 gold.

Monkeys (2013):
With the Mad May Monkeys we saw the upgraded version of monkeys. The upgraded Gorilla face can be seen in the mask from The Pit minigame.

Splitbark (2013):
With the Wizards Tower update Wizard Jalarast is wearing an updated version of the Splitbark Armour.

Kandarin (2013-2014):
In the Fourth Live Q and A Jagex confirmed a graphical rework to Kandarin, with large focus on Ardougne. Other places likely to be included in the update are: Seers Village, Catherby, Yanille, the Gnome Places, Witchaven and other small townships.

Tirannwn and Isafdar (2014):
Jagex have confirmed that with Mourning End Part 3 there will be a graphical rework of the Elves and all the Elvish lands. Though this is still a long way away.

Pollnivneach Dungeon (Late 2013 - Early 2014):
In the new Cinematic Trailer there are images of a graphically cheap rs gold updated Pollnivneach Smoke Dungeon.





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