So let us all come together and support this the runescap

I have been a follower of Armadyl for a long time now, so of course I will be joining your army! How could you not follow the runescape gold of Justice and the sky? A god who actually wish and strive for peace between humans and gods alike? And then of course, who also looks so awesome with no less than six wings (as mentioned in the BTS as well as seen in the Missing, Presumed Death).

With the history Armadyl have he really is the one who deserve support. His race, the aviansies, have got slaughtered during the second and third ages, his staff have been stolen from his temple not only once but actually twice, and he have wandered the cosmos for many thousands of years, all alone. He is one of few of the gods who really strive for peace and justice (maybe you can count Saradomin in here too, that is also why I supported him in the first world event). If nothing else, Armadyl have really tried to do good while Bandos have just tried to do what pleases himself the most: Create war.

As we could clearly see in the cave goblins quests, Bandos wishes for power and war only. He want death, destruction and everyone to follow him and him only. He doesn't care if he ruin things for others. He knows that he is mighty, powerful and if we allow him to he will destroy our world!

Just look at what happened to the cave goblins when they tried to protest. They had to stay hidden in a cave for thousands of years! And Bandos even started using mind control when he eventually found one of his old followers again. Now: Would you want that to happen to you? I don't think so.

The choice is obvious here. As a big lore fan and as someone who knows what is right and justice, I will of course be supporting Armadyl. He deserves all our support. War is wrong, but Bandos won't give up without a fight. So let us all come together and support this runescape 2007 gold who have truly realized what is the best for our world: Peace and justice.





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