Runescape was centralised around the use of AGS/Dragon Claws/Korasi

As far as I've read, every EoCisbAD!!!11 thread on these or other forums revolve around the rose-coloured perception that diversity was encouraged and practiced pre-EOC. Since about 2006, the game has been so centralised around the efficiency metagame that there was zero variation in setups; the rs 2007 gold was centralised around the use of AGS/Dragon Claws/Korasi.

Secondly, the idea that anyone risked anything at any stage of PvP evolution in Runescape is idealistic at best, misleading at worst. With pures having less and less defence (most were 1 def) and using Protect Item, your common loot was iron armour, monk robes and if you were lucky, a cheap rune weapon. AGS, Dragon Claws etc. are false risks because of Protect Item. The PvP community has never been big, as whole, on risking.

Honestly, this is pointless, because you refuse to change your mind, but as someone who does tons of ports, let me inform you. Ancient bones *do* have value. As someone parroting economics terms left and right, you should be familiar with this: opportunity cost. Ten ancient bones can be used to make a 300-500k scrimshaw. So each ancient bone carries a worth of, let's say, 40k. With a ratio of 1 ancient bone:25 darts, we see that the darts are 1600 gp, without the ascension shards, from OPPORTUNITY COST. You can't write off the ancient bones just because they're untradeable.

Also, you choose to complain about weapon prices and... you pick death lotus darts? Not how cheap drygores are? Now how insanely expensive seismics are?

tl;dr You fail to take opportunity cost into account. You need 90 runecrafting, construction, herblore, cooking, prayer, slayer, thieving, fishing or hunter to start ports. And 90 herblore and prayer are pretty useful for getting ancient bones quickly, although all nine are ideal. If you want to truly take the price into account, factor in the opportunity cost and the requirements. A untradable weapon's value must be obtained from the skills and time required to get buy runescape gold. A tradable weapon is just cash. Apples to oranges unless you consider skills and time for the untradable weapon.

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