Runescape had major negative repercussions

tiology - "In addition, it would be interesting to see if Ancient Summoning and Necromancy are added to the game - that there be a way to possibly upgrade the Necromancer robes. Zaros surely had many powerful and great necromancers that worked under him, if the minions in his armies would die,rs gold could be raised up back on the spot!
In Dungeoneering we not only have the necromancers, which seem to be less experienced users of the art, but we also have the Necrolords - the most powerful and evil of the group. This signifies that there could've been, possibly, a similar rank and file system among necromancers of Zaros's armies. Surely, the higher ranking necromancers being more and more powerful, they would look more powerful as a result.
I've also noticed that the dragonbone upgrade kits from the Queen Black Dragon are noticeably underused. It'd be pretty nice to be able to use them with the Necromancer robes to make them look more powerful. A powerful necromancer with a crown crafted from dragonbones, and other similar features. would be recognizably different than the rather plain and mismatching look the current robes give."
Honestly I watched what skill capes did to this game.Buy runescape gold had major negative repercussions and it was not good for the game in any regard. We grinded and we did skills excessively simply for the reason of getting a cheap obby cape.

So no, I disagree with them doing more elitist capes. We don't need them and we don't need anymore reason to grind nor do we have any need inflate and raise the already excessively high prices of training some skills anymore.





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