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It's funny that you mention it - I have actually been wanting to add pre-EoC quest bosses onto the list since yesterday, but I already used up my only reserve. I didn't leave enough room for it, unfortunately.The same issue applies to the extreme nerf of prayer bonuses on every item in the game. Again, unfortunately I don't have room to address that...

Right, Dublime. It made all the work for Korasi worth it. And the chaotic maul. I severely miss the Chaotic Maul being powerful beyond compare. Now, Bandos Godsword (as well as the other godswords) are almost exactly as powerful - but require way, way, way less work...And now they're getting their special attacks, too? Chaotics will become obsolete - RS Gold players who don't already have chaotics almost exclusively get the maul because, for whatever reason, Jagex thought it was a fair idea to price Mainhand+offhand rapier/longsword at 300,000 tokens total, while the 2h maul still only costs 200,000. (To be honest, the mainhand weapons should have been reduced in price to 150,000, and the offhands sold at 50,000, while giving people who already bought weapons a 50,000 token refund.)

But with the maul being almost EXACTLY as strong as the Bandos Godsword now, AND the Bandos Godsword having a special attack re-added without nerfing Buy Runescape Gold normal damage - there is literally no reason to buy a chaotic anymore, unless it's the staff, which is only viable because of how expensive comparable wands + book/orbs are. Note that the Royal Crossbow is the 2h strength equivalent of chaotic crossbows. But to get the same strength from chaotics, you would have to buy the mainhand AND offhand. 300,000 tokens. No one new is bothering with that either. (Cont. in next post...)

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