The BoB automatically stores and deposits memories, as confirmed by Mod Osborne. It's pretty much an instant xp/hour boost. I wonder why they even bothered polling this.

At least this makes the BoB better than we /originally/ thought.

But here's the deal: You still have to collect individual memories from individual springs, that always take about the same amount of RS 2007 Gold time to collect. The only time the BoB would /really/ shine is during a bxpw, where bulk transport of a pre-collected good actually matters. And those are once in a blue moon.

More-over, consider the Divine Booster. It improves your boons, all of which grant a 10% increase to exp, which means that having a Booster summoned gives a tangible, calculable, exp boost, unlike the BoB which relies on a bunch of "maybes" and "what-ifs" when it comes to increasing your exp per hour.

The Booster also allows you to collect more things from divine locations. Sure, this is its weakest ability, but, hey, more Runite/Herbs/etc for free every day isn't going to be remissed.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, it increases the number of uses of an individual sign of the porter. This means that this could be a viable choice for passive power-mining/power-fishing. Trade the invisible level boost of a familiar so that you don't have to bank as often. I know plenty of people who would be thrilled to make that trade, myself included (because I'm lazy).

Simply put, the Chronicler is useless. The Forager has limited uses and will probably give you a bunch of useless crap in the end. The BoB gives you more exp under a lot of Buy Runescape Gold specific conditions you can't control. The Booster gives you tangible bonus exp while training, allows you to collect more free stuff per day, and has wide spread usage anywhere in Runescape where you want to employ the services of signs of the porter.





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