The old Runescape system was garbage plain and simple

yes please explain to me how a level 200 combat (non maxed) has ANY advantage over a level 107 maxed range AND mage? yes, please do. give em an inch they always want MORE. There is no end. The old system was garbage plain and simple. Especially if you had no clue how it worked, trust me I was there. A combat system in which defense accounts for 1/3 of your total level and other stats say mage and range and att would account for 30% each of the remainder, while the final 6% would make str a wildcard witch affects all types of combat equally.

After being a member for 12 years i am sorry if you ***** with this system that i really enjoy ,this will be the last straw and i will be forced to leave. I don't know why this is even being considered . With every move Jagex has made i have been supportive but this time i draw the line. What happened to being innovative and moving on with the future ? If this is just to please some annoying minority who make a lot of RS 2007 Gold noise then it's all wrong. And if you base your choice on votes counted most veterans know that the majority will either not be present to vote in this time frame or won't understand the significance of the vote. Please leave it as it is .

You shouldn't really notice a change, you'll still kill monsters as fast as you currently are just their numbers will be reworked. You'll still hit in the 1,000's.

Yes a lot of people did kick up fuss about the combat system, they kept it up for over a year and now we have finally been listened to (because of Power to the Players). If you can 'max' your combat level in 2 skills then it makes it pointless training the other 3. This had to be changed. From all I have seen at the moment is the players who like it are the ones who only have two combat 99's and the odd few who have more.

O M G really crap like this sort out the screen lock ups lag and white screen so people can play the game with out interruption first would be better than this sort of junk chat there is nothing wrong with the 200 combat level ohh hang on this is all to do with the stupid second combat system that is not needed every time there is something good in the game you manage to balls it up what the hell are you lot thinking about

you are talking about the wrong things if people cant play the game with out being kicked off or screen freezing up and white screen they are just not going to play no matter what the combat level is make this sort of thing a priority not a combat level if people can't get on and play with Buy Runescape Gold out interruption they will just go else were to play a game

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