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Come on....why do you Runescape Gold game makers not have all three styles of combat armor ready in one update instead of in multiple updates...

Ever hear of the word balance?

Except that we still ignore that melee got shafted the most when EOC came out in general.

If we use a 3 point system (3 best, 1 worst), each style is 3 against their prey, 2 against themselves, and 1 against their weakness. At a first glance that might make sense, BUT,

Magic is weak to ranged and super tank to melee. Not only is it strong to melee at close range, it can bind/stay out of range easily. Also, we ALL know that magic is decidedly the strongest pvp style, and has been other than the brief stint of "exponential accuracy" making drygore ignore all defenses period.

Ranged is weak to melee, but melee can't hit back at a distance. That means safespots in pvm or abusing binds in pvp means it ELIMINATES its weakness. Unless the warrior is in uber tank armor to block a majority of hits, rangers hold the advantage, since the warrior would have to either stay put or use up freedom, leaving them open to Frag shot or one of the other bleeds. Even Death's Swiftness is ANTI MELEE.

That leaves melee being trashed by mages at long range, trashed by mages in short range, trashed by rangers at long range unless tanky enough to block hits, and trashed by other warriors. In PvM it means facing the Melee style of a monster along with other styles at the same time (EG a ranger could face a melee+magic monster and just pray magic, a warrior would have to tank one style outright and still be vulnerable to both)

Furthermore, with reduced costs on runes/ammo, the "self sustained" aspect of melee was no longer special, and everything but the highest level ranged gear is stronger/cheaper than melee (royal hides, few k for level 65, royal crossbow, 600k for level 80 weapon).

Melee has to train 2 styles as opposed to one, or suffer MUCH worse rotations than ranged or magic. And people whine about "melee having more abilities", but there are so many shared cooldowns or "needs DW or 2H" overlap that there are only a COUPLE more choices at any given time.





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