I'm looking for Runescape meaningful dialogue

This thread is meant to propose a solution to an issue I've come across. I'm looking for meaningful dialogue, so if you're just going to be condescending and dismissive, please don't bother. Thank you.

I'd like to begin by saying that I was under the impression that there's a difference between pvp and pking. I have no problem with Runescape Gold pvp, in fact, I'm up for a good clean fight. The problem is, other players are less interested in actual duel and more interested in pking via a freeze spell and then having their pack of assassins ambush the combatant.

I get that turning on PVP means having a higher risk for someone picking a fight. And that, the whole reason that PVP gathering is quicker is to make up for time lost while PVPing with other players. However, it's not nearly quick enough to make up for time lost when you're killed twenty times in a row, consecutively, by the same gang of PKers. It makes the quicker gathering rate absolutely pointless.

It's one thing to want to fight with other players. It's another to consciously collude with other players to sabatoge someone else's enjoyment of the game. I'm talking about pure player killing ambushes with no purpose except to disrupt another player's gameplay or force them to spend more time than they intended gathering reknown or switch to another world entirely. I thought that above all else, World Events were to "have fun." PVP is fun. Being PKed a million times in a row by the same pack of assassins is not.

So here's a list of suggestions I brainstormed, and if anyone else has something thoughtful to add, I'd appreciate it: (continued below)

There should be 2 levels of it. Firstly, if you are a lower level and attack a higher level, the scaling for that combat should be minimal.
But conversely, this extreme scaling we have RS items now (or to be honest, a little less, but thats a different argument) could be applied when higher levels initiate combat with vastly lower levels.

This would prevent (1) maxed players simply targeting lowers, but if they do, it gives the lower levels a fair chance, and (2) would make low/mid-range players a little less reckless if there was a greater chance of getting their clock cleaned.

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