Saradomin cares about Runescape Gold

The Naragi incident happened thousands of years ago, which Saradomin deeply regrets, and said that's his "greatest shame".
When Tuska started killing the Naragi, Saradomin fought Tuska and tried to save them until he was defeated and left.

Saradomin cares about whether people live or die, you can't say the same about Zamorak. Just give me Runescape Gold one example where Zamorak saves human lives, just one. You can't because Zamorak doesn't care about humans or their lives. And why isn't Zamorak held accountable for anything he has ever done? How many more villagers have to die before Zamorak can be stopped?

Just because these villagers don't have a name like Naragi, they don't bleed red blood? Just because their daughters don't have a name like Aagi, they can be burned? Humans are not laboratory rats for Zamorak to use to teach his followers.

Zamorak started the God Wars, not Saradomin, I understand you're trying to get uninformed people to join Zamorak, but at least be a little creative, this one doesn't work anymore. Because just about everybody knows Zamorak started the God Wars when he came back as a god after his banishment for backstabbing Zaros.

Saradomin tried to save the Naragi even though they didn't want to Buy Runescape Gold worship him, so
I don't know what you're talking about.

Guess I'll never understand why people think Zamorak is an honest guy, or honest about his intentions. He's a devious, heartless, backstabber who couldn't even trust his own followers to the point that he felt the need to deceive them by creating robes of subjugation, and infused them with cruelty, and then he presented these robes to his followers as a "great gift".
Read "Razulei's tale" (a book dropped by K'ril Tsutsaroth) for yourself and see if Zamorak is honest about his intentions.

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