I am a follower of Runescape Zaros

I can get behind this decision. even though I am a follower of Zaros I am part of the group of desires to try and end conflict of interests peacefully rather than go to all out war. Armadyl reflects these wishes in his desires as well and I find it very easy to follow his way of thinking.

he isn't some power hungry god looking for followers and he isn't looking to claim Gielinor for himself. He is looking for a home for Runescape Gold his people, one more suitable than the desolate deathtrap that his original world was. he isn't trying to wipe out all other races to make room for his people. he wants everyone mortal and god to be able to co-exist peacefully.

that is something I really admire in him and I would gladly lend him the power of my ancient magic and my ancient prayers to help end this conflict sooner and to make the world a little better.

if you notice that unlike other gods, Armadyl's immediate thoughts after Zamorak slew a majority of his race, were not revenge. it was sadness and despair. he wandered to different worlds aimlessly, he wasn't looking for an army to hunt down Zamorak and end him. he just wanted a place to call home.

and when he found that some of his race survived, well he made a resolve to go back to Gielinor and find a place for them to live in peace with everyone else and have the Buy Runescape Gold easy life he desires for them ( when considered how hard it is just getting water on his home world, living here would be way beyond easy)

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