With regards to the Runescape World Event

I know its fun surfing the forums and arguing a point. But you are arguing with someone that honestly could care less either way. Live and let live. As long as what you do does not break any of the rules we all agreed to. I don't care what you do. But I will point out things that I see that maybe "unfair". Even if I do not agree totally with what would have to Runescape Gold be done to make things fair. I do believe that we all deserve at least a fair shot at winning.

With regards to the World Event, Anyone who participates will get rewards. In the End everyone is a winner unless you really put stock into back-stories involved in these events. Chances are most players (Myself included) will switch sides in order to get all the little things for each side. So really Everyone wins and no one loses. Jagex will write the story to reflect the "victory" but it will have little baring on the how anyone plays the game.

What you deem as "fair" is to cut down the power of the majority and share it with the minority. That isn't fair, that's robbery. It ceases to be "player driven" if a policy like that was to be put in place. This is direct democracy, it doesn't get any fairer than this. If Bandos gets owned, well then its too bad because every single individual had the liberty to Buy Runescape Gold make a choice and then they did. Your statement of forcing players into balance is nothing short of arrogant and fascistic. I just can't wrap my head around this fad of calling it a POPULARITY CONTEST. Everything about the GODS is about popularity, and nothing short of it. You think Zaros would have so many followers because people actually like his "values"? "Oh my GOD, ARMADYL'S ARMY IS BIGGER THAN OURS! POPULARITY CONTEST TO DISCREDIT THEM" It's time to grow up children.

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