Runescape Huge Problem

i have been attacked ran away out side and couldn't hit them at all! over and over and over by peoples running between the line and attacking me then running out!
this needs 2 be fixed!
im seriousely tired of Runescape Gold these liners doing this!
i tried to attack back but they are not attackable for x time when they enter! but they can attack back?

make it so the player if they attack they can not leave pvp area for 15 seconds less died! (this includes teleport a common troll on my world teleports out near death which is ********!)

make it so if a player leaves the pvp area they die and gives the attackers the rewards!

or make it impossible 2 leave the area!

they can not attack til they can be attacked as well seriousely i understand over whealming numbers but thats why you teleport else where

also make it so we can pvp 1v1 or multi by the same means in wildy!

just note this problem plagues both sides! including the pile up! just the pile up i been bashed by 5+ bandos so dont cry to me about the armadyl gained up! its not fair! i dont argue that but its not fair 2 line peoples in 1v1! which both sides have done!

someone posted
What ****** me off more than the line hopping is the people bugging the pvp cooldown so they can attack and no one can retaliate.
this is as well a huge problem anything dealing with getting out of Buy Runescape Gold pvp for a second but in and able to attack is a issue that shouldn't exist

another good idea! posted by another
The PvP world back in the day had a coward timer. If you ran back in the safe zone while attacking someone you could still be attacked for 5 seconds inside the safe zone.
set that in action and make it so they cant fight back! that will get rid of liners





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