I've gotten Runescape separate sacred metal fragment drops already

I've only engaged 2 convoys, only because they walked right past me and I've gotten 3 separate sacred metal fragment drops already (total of 146 pieces). All over the forums and in game I see people complaining how they never get sacred drops so did I just get really lucky or what?

I've had some horrible dry runs of hours of convoys with no metals, but also some lucky runs with back to back metal, so on average while I can understand why some people might have Runescape Gold a terrible impression of the metal rates, I do think they're somewhat better than people make them out to be.

The increases in metal that'll occur as the weeks go on will be welcome, but it's really quite a bit better than BoL was at the early days.

Can someone explain to me how to actually get metal from convoys? I've tried clicking on different parts of a few as they passed me, but I get piled in seconds so I can't really find out what to do.

Kill bodyguards first then convoys

Is that what I'm doing wrong, then? I usually try to click the big, floaty things. Should I aim for the npc humans/aviansie instead?
Yes. For attacking caravans, kill off the bodyguards first, then start hammering the storage units in front. Bodyguards can drop small amounts of fragments when killed, but the caravans themselves can give up to 100 I think. Make sure to Buy Runescape Gold check under everybody's feet because there isn't a drop message like at the BoL.

You can also get fragments for helping your own caravans with divination, completing a new building, or tearing down an enemy building.





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