the Runescape is incredibly laggy at times

So um, I'm really a noob when it comes to RS3 because I totally switched over to OSRS after quitting in November, but I just did the new tutorial and the path system on a fresh f2p account to see if it would teach me anything and I was rather disappointed tbh. For starters, the game is incredibly laggy at times, the sound is very bugged and nothing feels smooth, it really doesn't give a good first impression.

The only skill that was covered decently was mining and smithing, but fishing... we never get to Runescape Gold fish over bridges in the actual game and that fish doesn't even exist outside of Ashdale. Besides a bit of combat, that was it really, I don't think we even got to cut a tree and light a fire because we had to cook the fish on a pre-made fire.

The tutorial should cover *every* skill, and using actual examples with things found in the real game, not some untradeable fish that can only be found on Ashdale, this doesn't teach anyone anything. After completing the tutorial, there should also be easy to access information on where to find things like tin and copper or shrimp fishing spots.

So the tutorial was quite frankly pointless, but the path system I definitely liked! I really like how it guides you through some of the newer redone quests and I could do them fine without referring to any off site guides, it was all nicely done and makes great use of the voice overs and music (although music... it's really bugged and inconsistent at times :c).

I don't really have anything bad to say about the path system other than it should be extended. The path system should also guide the play to the Cheap Runescape Gold Combat Training Academy because although you learn some basics through the path system, nothing is actually explained, you just learn how to spam abilities and eat food. Also, nothing in the tutorial or the path system explained the confusing NIS.

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