I don't care if Runecsape kills me

Oh no Divination is slow! Suck it up. Most all the skills that took forever years ago take hardly any time at all now. I don't mind it taking a while. I don't care if it kills me to train it. At least I'll feel some sense of accomplishment. No support. I don't like everything being handed to me on a silver platter. No more Easyscape.

I know this skill is slow I have been training it without having to buy any energies I am currently level 96. I am not asking for anything to be handed to me all I was asking for was a longer duration for an aura was that too much to ask? Apparently it was if you have read the RS Gold first post that I edited a few hours ago you would've known jagex wasn't going to do it.

You get extra xp for a half an hour...it's meant to be a nice little bonus, not something you rely on. Why not simply be happy with the fact you get a bonus at all? It used to be we never got any bonus experience. Now there are countless ways to get extra xp, hell with the SoF you can get a good chance to get decent free experience, when before we had to randomly come across a genie event.

Well let me toss this at you if I may. Take the Jack of trades Aura for example. With that Aura you can use it once per day and get an X amount of experience. This aura also has a reset time of 24 hours but you have 3 hours to train 10 skills. However training 10 skills can be done in about 2 minutes by Chopping 2 trees, pickpocketing a guard, fighting on all styles with a weapon, burning a log fletching and burying a bone and either a magic spell or divination.

Because Jack of Trades gives a specific xp bonus, the time is given to achieve it, the festive aura gives 50% xp (Which is quite alot I must mention.) for the entire period the aura is active.(Or up until 50k, which is again arguably a decent amount of free experience.)

The two are not even remotely comparable.

Also, Jack of Trades is an aura you must first buy, and as such use it every day. The festive aura is given to every player for free Runescape 2007 Gold, and is simply a holiday bonus. I would absolutely expect a product you buy to be significantly better than one that is free.





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