The reason behind this is to Runesape

To make a great game it's a rule that it must be fair. The reason behind this is to enforce our sense of agency. In games, you are in control. You dictate whether you win or lose. When a game pulls a 180 and takes away that control, by introducing an element out-of-the-blue, that agency is taken away. And, as such, so is our motivation to play it. Temporarily at least.

You're right that life is not fair and will always introduce new rules, but that doesn't mean games should as well. Assuming you've played more Runescape Gold games than this, ask yourself: Were the games I've had fun playing unfair? Did they cheat or change the rules out of nowhere? Of course not.


100% disagree with you

you have agency at all times, as you are always in control during combat

if, during the QBD's quest, when we jumped down the chasm, and there waz a cut scene of the dragon biting us in half instead of swallowing us, that would remove the agency, as its a cutscene

many old scrolling platform or old space shooter games (eg xenon) relied heavily on those tactics - you had to learn where the enemies would come at you and when, dying many times to learn the tactics you need, and this engenders a much greater sense of achievement and therefore reward

the best games i have played are ones where my mind is constantly challenged by the changing of multiple circumstances are rule sets as the game progresses, instead of a dull dreary grind through the already known

i hate nothing more Cheap Runescape Gold than getting to the final boss in a game, and finding it requires exactly the same level and degree of tactics as the rest of the game from start to finish, as this makes a game very boring and unsatisfying to complete

so as i said, if your the kind of person who likes repeating the same thing endlessly with no challenge or stimulation, just get 200M in the noob skills and forget questing

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