Was trying to make the title "Longer for festive aura" but it wouldn't fit. Anyway I will get right to the point the aura does not last long enough for when you are doing divination. Depending on what your level is and even if you do the 3rd option all the time you won't reach extra 50k mark.
Edit this thread can be locked due to this on the most Runescape Gold recent FAQ.

Q: Will the Festive Aura be changed from last year to where it mostly benefitted faster skills as it had such a short time limit before it ran out?

Mod Timbo: The Festive Aura will be the same as it was last year in terms of its duration and the cap of bonus experience it can give out.

When festive aura came out last year I was working on dungeoneering because all of my other skills were 99 and it was used up pretty quickly. However now I am still all 99s except for divination and 120 dungeoneering (with hard mode complete as well.) If anything I wish that jagex would consider looking at this particular skill for this aura and increasing the time to 1 hour instead of 30 minutes.

Because divination is slower. If anything all of the festive auras should last an hour instead of just 30 minutes. As I said earlier not a lot of people are training dung or other skills to where getting 50k exp is easy enough to still have time left on the aura. Now think about next year. The new skill Invention will be slower than divination and what will happen?

That skill will be slower than divination and you know that the festive aura will be around for that and 30 minutes still wouldn't be enough for that either. The main difference between divination is that you have to Cheap Runescape Gold factor in the time it takes to gather up the memories whereas some skills can be done in a bank or next to one.





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