If you're trying to streamline the Runescape

First of all, why, if you want to reduce "inventory wrangling" did you introduce an extra stage in the production process? It's now more painful than before because to just be able to enchant the pouches, you have to spend ages in the bank preparing them when before you could just get straight to training. If you're trying to streamline the skill then I fully support you, but this is a step in the wrong direction.

Secondly, why is unenchanted pouch production based on your summoning points not your level? It doesn't matter what level you are, if your summoning points are below the level needed to Runescape Gold summon the familiar, you can't do it, for example a level 99 Summoner can't summon a Terrorbird if he only has 51 Summoning points. Why is that? Again it's just annoying.

I agree this is slower or maybe im doing it wrong. But to infuse steel titan pouches you need 99 summoning points, not any lower. So I have to run to an obby to refesh my summoning points, then infuse the steel titan pouch and than either bank it or cast it on a summoing obby to make steel titan pouches. Its slower.

here's where the streamlining comes in, steps 1 and 5 are identical, that's what you spend so long doing in the bank. However, for steps 2-4, you can now craft somewhere in the region of 300 pouches per trip when you acrue some of the new spirit gems.

Of course, this is day 1 so no one actually has a stockpile of them, so for RIGHT NOW, the process is essentially the same, but given some time to amass some gems your crafting efficiency will skyrocket.

You are still less efficient then the prior method. As you said its extra work for very little gain. Sure once you gather all the Cheap Runescape Gold gems and premake the pouches then its faster to gain the xp but the total time spent with this new method will still be longer.

AKA Selling noted secondaries to shop and then buy them back unoted, then create pouches, then make the pouches into scrolls or sell the pouches back. Previous interface updates made selling pouches back really annoying so you're better off making scrolls.

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