Runescape Premeir Club 2014

From a marketing perspective, I think what they are doing is strategic. They increased the price of all packages, and removed runecoins so they can collect more revenue from players in the future. They promise 2014 promotional items, but 2013 Premier Club members can tell you that they only received the 2013 promotional items within the past couple of months (very late in the year). I have a feeling the 2014 promotional RS items will be dished out in a similar fashion, after several months after these items have been introduced (to entice players to buy it out of impulse).

Loyalty points are definitely less valuable to Jagex than runecoins. Runecoins can be used to purchase some of the cooler cosmetics Jagex is likely to release, so it makes sense as to why they didn't want to offer it to players in hopes that players will buy runecoins to purchase these future cosmetics for additional revenue. What they are doing is very sound as a business. I don't blame them. If I were on their team responsible for sales I'd probably call for a similar move.

What they don't understand is that their decisions has led to some players not wanting to purchase the Premier Club membership this year. I'm one of those players. I've also unsubscribed too, and don't tend on resubscribing (except from maybe using a bond or two in order to do some of the upcoming OSRS holiday events)

I'm curious as to how much money RS Gold they will collect from this year's Gold Premier membership in comparison to last year's. I wonder how the demand will be affected as a result of this year's changes.

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