Runescape rewards are exclusively reserved

The premier club rewards are exclusively reserved for those who commit a lump sum payment for 3, 6 or 12 months. As you are a recurring member you are eligible to cancel your membership at anytime, whereas our premier club VIP members make a longer term investment.

What he and the other members who are in his position are questioning is that you have never given anything to the RS Gold players who already completed many, many years of paying membership, just as a "Thank you for all your long standing support after all these years as custumers", yet you resort to this premium membership marketing ploy to grab a consistent number of membership fees for a whole year.

Many companies in other businesses do this, as you probably know, by offering discounts for their services, tickets for shows and so on. Yet Jagex has simply left their vets to rot, always focusing on pleasing new to mid level players, or people who are relatively new(say 2 years of RC or so).

Maybe if you had paid more attention to what we had to say about the game, or at least acknowledged our importance to it and not ignore us by "upgrading" Runescape as you please, you wouldnt have lost half your playerbase in a matter of what? 2 years?

This is simply for feedback, since that answer of your reminded me how Jagex has been treating its oldest players. At this moment after all that has been done with Runescape I couldnt care less about what more is done, for the 5th age of Runescape had ended long even before Guthix was killed.

For the reasons above, I'd like to make this clear: I'm not asking to get anything myself, as in "I deserve " since to me anything I could possibly get would be just like that - Pointless. Also not asking Jagex to "change" their ways towards older players, for that ship has sailed with the 5th age. The only thing I would ask from Jagex now would be for more Buy Runescape Gold lore and quests into the game

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