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I'm still on the old price due to how long I've been playing which i think is around £3.50, then jagex started releasing Limited items and card, and frankly some of the stuff looked awesome so i brought the cards too, which was getting pretty costly, so Last year when they released the package, i figured i'd save some money and it did.

I saved some money up incase they did again this year and they have, so i brought after thinking about it and figured it will save Runescape Gold money again so i don't need to worry about the limited card items again plus it was a one off payment so i don't need to worry about my membership for 12 months.

Now i wish i didn't buy it due to how the community is acting towards those of us who brought it, we are being alienated by the community, there are some horrid things going around the forums, some wanting to make a stand and ignore everyone who shows the star next to their name and many are asking to remove the ONE VIP world, asking to remove the stars and basically making out the VIP community is acting stuck up and rude to everyone without it.

I want to clear something up, i planned on possibly buying the package months ago, i didn't know what was in it.

We didn't ask for a VIP world, we didn't ask for the small star, but i've got it and am going to use it, why not, it's kinda cool, i wont be pressured by the community to remove it.

Ive notice players are saying VIP worlds means they don't have to Cheap Runescape Gold compete over resources and content, when if you actually looked, there is just as many players on that ONE world then any other world, and for those saying It's not fair we have our own world, we've had TOTAL worlds long before this people!

I think the community needs to relax, we all play the same game, you guys are saying jagex are segregating the community when actually guys it's the community doing the segregating not jagex.





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