everywhere I go, see people complaining. from f2p, to members. hell even pmod and fmod not buying this cause of these two reasons.

1. it not worth it. why the hell is that we have to pay 80-100$ for thing like 150k loyalty points, pets, personal q&a team, cosmetic items, and vip world and badge, where we can pay for 60-70$ just to pay without those useless things. last year gold members was cheeper, then the gold member we have now. Loyalty points are basically 400 rc, No one is gonna use pets, who cares if theres a q&a team. no one is gonna use those cosmetic RS items. and the vip badge might as well be a target board.

that leave me to the other problem.
2. vip world. this is a slap to the face and a huge up yours from jagex. people who do buy this are gonna think they're special, like they should be respected because of it and flame any player even maxed players that don't. so therefore they gonna stay with vip world cause " anyone in this world are the elites."

not only that people are afraid jagex, they're afraid that your gonna turn your back on us and make content for vip member while we sit here forced to buy vip membership. do you have any idea how much this will damage the game as a whole?

Those are the 2 biggest reasons why no one is even bothering to buy the Gold package?

I can understand about the price being higher then last years even though I never got the chance to buy it last time, but I plan on buying it regardless.

Even if I do get that VIP badge to be displayed when I chat in the game I'll turn it off every once in a great while and I'd probably use the VIP world a tiny bit, but would want to be in the same world as my nephew regardless if he gets the gold package or not.

I wouldn't think that I'm superior to anyone that hasn't bought the package at all, but there are probably some players out there who think that they are.

Even if I become a VIP player I'll show the same respect to a player that is not one and if I were to have any money in the game and was asked kindly enough I may give some RS Gold to players just to help out.





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