Runescape Elf City Design Document 2

I agree with most people on this thread that unique, powerful monsters unlocked through quests like Tormented Demons, Glacors, Celestial dragons, Chaos giants and TokHaar, as well as the upcoming Kal'gerion demons and Frost dragons, both unique to Dungeoneering, should be added to this list of possible slayer assignments, while lower-level monsters are removed from the tasklist.

Why are frost dragon bones available as a pickpocketing reward fromthe Elves? I mean, isn't it illogical how elves have gotten their hands to the bones of a dragon restricted to a Dungeoneering area in Asgarnia, which pretty much is in the halfway to the easternmost parts of Gielinor from Tirannwn? Elves are isolationistic folk, so they avoid going outside of their homeregion. Due to this, why would they have gotten their hands into frost dragon bones? For that matter, why would they be carrying them around?

Regarding the Elven armour we see the concept art of: why there are no eye-holes in what appears to be magic and melee armour sets? It logically doesn't make any sense that we have to fight monsters without seeing what we hit. Other than that, I love the designs, they look absoloutely gorgeous.

I love the concept with fighting Iowerth elves, allowing us to fight them without actually killing them, instead making them fall down and give up on combat. This should be expanded on other monsters as well, seeing that while common monsters could be replaced by other monsters of their kind, with unique monsters like GWD bosses, respawning doesn't make runescape gold since they are one of a kind monsters and seeing that other important NPCs do not respawn when they are killed in story-line, they should surrender as well when defeated instead of being killed.

Regarding the crystal weaponry (Crystal wand/orb, dagger, chakram, bow, staff and halberd), I can't help but notice the lack of available weaponry. Sure, both 2h and 1h options for all combat styles are covered, but there's way too little variety in the crystal weapon table. We could have more crystal weapons, such as crystal crossbows or crystal spears, or crystal, well, everything. Crystal is supposed to be versatile, so why can't we change it to other weapon types than the six we see here?





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