Runescape Mocking Death

For many years during the month of October, Death has appeared around Gielinor and interacted with the players. But things seemed to change after the start of the 6th age. We saw Death again... But not as we were previously used to. One might ask what happened, but then again, one might be very foolish as well, as everybody knows not to pry very deep into Death's doorway.

Death, a powerful Guardian of Guthix, has discovered that for many years now there has been an impostor of himself, called The Grim Reaper, conversing with citizens during the month of October. He will be furious, and will demand that this person give themselves up. But he can't seem to access his old mansion, as there is a strange aura around it.

This is where the player comes in. The player must infiltrate Grim's Mansion, and try to find the Grim Reaper to return him to Death for rs gold . But once you enter the mansion, you notice things are very ancient looking now. Pieces of the building are crumbling, creatures are pounding at a protective shield around the mansion, and the whole place just looks generally decayed. A small cutscene plays where you see Grim on a top floor balcony, and you hear Death's whispers from Gielinor to go and get him.

As you enter the house, you soon realize what once looked spooky is now a full fledged House of Horrors. You find yourself in a hall with 8 different rooms, with one giant door all the way at the end of the hall. This door, made of what looks like Dark Marble and Gold has 8 slots orb shaped slots in it, and you can't pass this door until all 8 slots are filled.

All of the rooms are unlocked, so you can take your pick on which one to do first.





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