The crystallized city of the Elves in runescape

I hope that I can sum my response in the characters given. I'll be honest, I have no idea where to start. I'm filled with so much excitement toward the design document. I know I should be excited to see the crystallized city of the Elves to finally make its appearance. But, really, I'm more excited to be reading a legitimate game design document. I may have done my own little ones for my projects back in my degree, but they are nothing compared to a fully fleshed out on. I'm at a loss of many words to describe the feelings surging through me. I don't know where to start.

Although this is part one of the full document, there is so much detail brimming alone in this document. It's colorful, vivid, and packed with information that answers our questions and some of the rumors that could have stirred up since the information release of the Elf City's future. I know that I have to bare in mind; these details are likely to change from now until the pair of batch updates are released.

The Tower of Voices sounds like it will be the center of attention throughout the quest and exploring the city. I love the idea that over the years that this city has been quiet; the changes to the world of Gielinor will make some form of appearance in the city. I say that toward the mini Grand Exchange, additional Quartermaster, the chronicle tribute NPC, POH portal, and many more. The prototype snapshot of center of the tower is enough to give me ideas on how this place will dawn upon the rest of its city and the world. Not to mention those artistic drawing, that molds together with the prototype to give rs gold.

I'd continue more and actually describe my personal feelings toward viewing this document, but I'm running out of room. At the same time, I don't think anyone would want to read that all. You'd be here for more than just a few minutes or hours. Anyway, I'm more than impressed to see this release and more of the design document. I hope they're just as great.





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