Elf City Design Document 1 In Runescape

Well after checking out the first design document I am pleased to say everything looks damn awesome and i have been bowled over by how amazing this update will be at launch. After waiting many years for this, I am desperate to play around in the elf city. However I would like to make the following suggestions based on the information in the design doc.

Firstly, I would like to see a way to place the golden shattered hearts statue in our player owned homes, or as upgrade to the damaroc statue. So say if you finish both versions of the shattered memories statues, you can make the one in your home rs gold, or let us have both.

Secondly, for the divination elements of the city, why not have a flame or brazier in each of the clan families towers, in their respective colours. Players could offer their divine memories to each of these flames, which would turn their divine memories into 'charged' or 'elven' memories, which when returned to their respective native divine locations would generate bonus xp in div rather than normal xp.

Additionally, I would like to see an eleven Teleport spell rather than a lodestone, so that the city feels more secretive and exclusive and not bound to the lodestone network like the rest of the world.

Oh and by the way the elf clan capes looks amazing, so which ever mod/s did those you should be proud cause they are just wow. I for one will be getting the wolf one.

Finally, in relation to having our player owned houses portal in the elf city, I would like to see a hidden reward where by in the Ithell clan's sections, we can unlock a crystal wall decoration for our homes, maybe by collecting various elf crystals or the like to be able to unlock it.





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