The wilderness was a populated in runescape

The wilderness was a populated, thriving area in the game. Throughout the wild, one area stood out as the most popular by a long shot, and this area just happened to be north of Edgeville, within level 5 wild.

Now, this area didn't offer some huge xp bonuses, and it did not offer any sort of wealth gain (other than what the player was wearing). There were no nearby resources, no reason for any players to congregate in this area.Yet, every day thousands of players crowded the wild north of Edgeville. Why?
Because that is what they enjoyed doing. They simply enjoyed the thrill of pitting themselves against another player.

Nowadays people (including Jagex) seem to think we need more incentives in the wild to revive PvP. If you have not realized this yet, this idea is logically flawed.Take warbands for example. Sure, there are some more people in the wild, but they're not there to PK; they are there to get runescape gold (and don't even act like those 4 warband "pk clans" are even relevant, because they're not). Likewise with any incentive you may add, people will populate the wild to achieve that incentive, not to PK. Though this may falsely seem to bolster the "PvP community" after quick thought you can realize it doesn't (notice how these types of updates would not have any effect on the current dead PvP minigames).

The only way to fix the current PvP community (or lack thereof) is to make PvP more enjoyable. Get players in the wild with the purpose of PKing, not bribed by xp or money. Obviously, whether the EoC is better or not, players do not enjoy PvP anymore. That is what needs to be changed. Until there are players in the wild with the purpose of player killing, the PvP aspect of the game will remain dead.





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