there are plenty of Blade And Soul conservative costumes

Honestly, if you hit f3, there are plenty of conservative costumes to choose from.

Asian Costumes:
ethereal phantom, covers pretty much everything
Pure Evil is another very well covered suit.
Moonlight's another one.
Heavenly on all except gon
Worried about short dresses? Dark Scholar's got you covered
Snowy night- the Oriental version of sweatpants and a baggy coat

The old stratus empire armor, available relatively early in the game, is pretty legitimate in terms of protective look/feel.
Stratus empire uniform - don't go into battle without protection for your guts.
Burning Flames covers everything on everyone and looks pretty badass.

Granted, there isn't a whole lot of armor in the game, but this is true across both sexes. At least the functional looking armor ones exist.

And not enough costumes is always going to be a problem. Always. I personally like the sexy costumes. I like boobies. And yet I don't like most of the costumes because they don't fit my character concept I have in mind. There's only one outfit I'd really wear for a long time on my Blade And Soul Gold Yun, and that's ivory spectre. And I've accepted that.

When you stop to do research on the artist for this game, you'll find that it's Hyung-Tae Kim and he is known for his sexy female characters. I really like the art of the females and I hope they continue to bring out more sexy and revealing outfits (for Gon females anyways).

The term sexualization has become too generalized. Too many people now a days are quick to be offended by a woman's body showing skin.

It depends on the race that is wearing the costume. It seems for the most part that the Gon show more skin followed by the Jin and then the Yun. Most of the Yun costumes seem to try to show their elegance and grace at least to me.


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