every single Blade And Soul MMO has this kind of players

Ok another couple of names to Buy Blade And Soul Gold add to my block list. I am going to take some of the spammer names off my block list and add these two. This exact same thing happened in another thread the other day some guy named Hassekyk did this to some players. Honestly, I have experienced "loot ninjaing" on many other games as well. It probably is best to just start your own party and not use the auto LFG system. I think more and more people are going to use this nice little LFG system less due to this crap. It is too bad that Ncsoft didn't think about how to handle loot ninja's but there are ways to counter this behavior. In addition, is it allowed for us to create a thread to list all players who do this? Maybe keep it to the top of the forums and add names to it with proof of this behavior? If not then I am just going to use the auto LFG less and make my own party..lol

This is really bad behaviour, but frankly speaking every single Blade And Soul Power leveling MMO has this kind of players. And things like that just happen.
You just avoid those players in the future. They are not that many.

Unfortunately loot stealing is one the MMO features.

Seems you played WoW, i'm playing since 1999 to MMo, tried a bunch, except WoW, and it's first time it happened to me, there have always been game mechanics to prevent this...


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