you can use those Blade And Soul VPN application to play the game

Well I was watching a Blade And Soul Gold NCsoft Sponsored streamer last night, FLOWRORO, he was one of the sponsored streamers at the live event commentating, and the question concerning vpn's, mainly ping boosters Wtfast, Pinzapper, etc was brought up, and as BnS is part of E-SPORTS and NCwest is wanting us to be a part of the world rankings etc, It was mentioned that 'some' players would have to use these programs because having low or stable ping for PVP areans and especially world tournaments would be vital to not only be able to play but to also be competitive, to which FLOW said he personally had the use of ping boosters confirmed to be OK by NCsoft
But from what i see going on I dont think it looks like any body actually knows, one says yes and another says no ????

I would like to inform you that you can use those VPN application to play the game. However, it is Blade And Soul Power levelingyour own discretion because that is not NCSOFT application. We only suggest it as possible workaround.
If ever you experience issue regarding the VPN applications, please inform us immediately and we will be happy to help you.
I hope this answer your concern.


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