What's with the Assassin's reach

Honestly, if you can grapple an assassin, we're pretty much toast. The only issues with classes I find are Blade Dancer and KFM. If either one of those jump on me, I'm screwed and I know it, I still get Cheap Blade And Soul Gold http://www.blade-soul.com/angry though, because they can somehow manage to combo grapple and I can't even use my escape techniques to get away and locked into stealth. It's infuriating, since that's a large reason why an Assassin is an Assassin.

So as much as I don't want to give advice on how to beat me, use grapples if you've got em. We have a hard time against them.

They're managing to pull me back over 22m, and then they get all that time to stay hidden. Starting to get stupid-annoying since that's all that's out there in Open PvP.

Different skills have different ranges. Looking at their skill tree online though, their range seems to be around 16 meters for a lot of their skills. 22 meters can turn to 16 meters in the blink of an eye if you're moving toward each other or he uses some kind of dash skill or if you're experiencing lag.


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