Fall 2011 Recap & Beyond Art Director Interview and Q&A

What is one of the elements that bring out Blade & Soul’s story to its full potential? Cinematics of course. Many will remember the 7 minute cinematic of Master Hong Suk-Geun dying and the two female beauties Jin So-Ah(The gunner) and Dang Yuh-Wol(Blade Master) fighting it out at the To-Moon Inn.

Cinematic movies which can be seen around console games and PC games aren’t used as much in Korean MMORPGs,Blade & Soul Power leveling but Team Bloodlust has its own cinematics team to show its dedication to them.

The cinematic team works on the Cutscenes(excluding combat), environment. and directing of the npcs. We’ve had a talk with the Leader of Cinematic team in Team Bloodlust.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold

Traveling in Blade & Soul

Today we're going to be discussing the various travel methods used in blade and soul http://www.blade-soul.com/ . This includes your characters basic movement, Qing Gong, Teleportation Scrolls and Dragon Streams.
Qing Gong
Qing Gong is Blade & Soul's http://www.blade-soul.com/most basic form of transportation. By double tapping your W key, you immediately transition into the Qing Gong state, granting you an incredible boost in both speed and agility. While in this state you run at very high speeds, jump incredibly high, and preform some visually impressive acrobatics while doing so.

There is a limitation to this ability however. Aside from only being able to use Qing Gong out of combat, this mechanic requires a resource in order to be used, a meter located directly under your characters health and ability meters. This resource meter will continuously drain at a constant rate while you are preforming Qing Gong. Once this meter is depleted, you will be forced out of Qing Gong and will not be able to re-enter the Qing Gong state until you have recovered a portion of the resource meter.

You will obtain the ability to enter the Qing Gong state while going through the tutorial zone at the start of the game, which is completed by level four. Qing Gong is quite efficient short distance travel, impressive to look at, and most importantly fun to use!


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