Runescape is a balanced EoC game

You see, this is working off a balanced EoC game, which is not what Legacy should be about seeing as Runescape 2 was miles different, and they mentioned Traditional Combat.

Runescape was not about damage increase or decrease, it was about combining individual items, spells, stats and finding the most efficient or enjoyable way to play, with that system.

Firstly, about damage, it was not tiered, equipments had their stats regardless of what their level requirements were. Which created imbalances, leaving room for players to adapt their characters for pvp. Co-incidently, the Combat Triangle and Combat Calculator was made to closely suit this purpose, along with the use rs 2007 gold. This allowed for quirky combinations, such as fire blast, weapon attack combos etc.

This having been established since 2001 when Runescape was first released.Attack speed and damage were not directly proportional, for the reasons of difference to accuracy AND damage, where some weapons favour accuracy/attack style and others favour damage potential, this was also reflected in weapons special attack.

For those that do not know about attack speeds, there has been a rs wiki page up for the past few years detailing this information. Co-incidently they also detail 2007 speeds and stats.

As for range rapid, the damage was scaled to attack speeds, with rune arrows hitting alot less than crossbows. The use of accurate, was for as its name implies increasing accuracy. Which did in fact have a use for special attacks.The point of this argument is pace of attacks. and a variety of speeds. with unique damage.


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