Runescape Elf City Design Document 2

Can I just say that everything here looks absolutely stunning?? Amazing concept art on the warriors and others, although I can tell that the actual prototypes of the camps are rather early in development. Regardless, here is my feedback!

1. Slayer Assignments: I'm not sure if you guys are just blowing smoke or something, but you left a few MASSIVELY skipped/perm cancelled tasks on that list. Very rarely do people do Jungle/Desert Stryes, Abberant Spectres, and Bloodvelds. The only reason your statistics may be skewed is that these creatures all saw a recent release of slayer masks that went along with them. I don't have a problem with a few bad tasks being included, but I have a very hard time believing those runescape gold are not among some of the most highly skipped.

2. Slayer Master Level Requirement: Not sure if you guys accounted for this or not, but by the time this part of the city comes out, we should be back to the 138 combat calculation, so this requirement will immediately be outdated. Just thought I'd point that out if you all had not yet considered it.

3. Hall of Fame: This literally made me begin to salivate... I'm very excited to hear more about this and how it'll all work out, but this is absolutely brilliant.

4. Slayer D&D: Unless you all intend to make the challenge nigh on impossible without it, I think it would be best to leave a bank chest out of the picture. Force players to be resourceful, tribrid, and use familiars and other combat tactics to their best advantage. However, if you really believe that 28 invent slots plus up to 30 extra from a familiar are not enough to hold a few gear switches and sufficient pots/munchies, then by all means, include it.

5. Iorwerth Warriors: Good God almighty... these are amazing.... However, I'm a bit confused as to why I cannot kill them nor the Cadarn. I get that they're well-trained warriors, but come on...I've battled warriors of legend, Mahjarrat, and been given divine powers of a World Guardian by Guthix. Why can't I kill an elf? Hopefully this is explained in MEP3.

6. Crystal Weapons and Upgrades: Pretty psyched for this. Please make the upgrade into tier-85 weapons. This slot is completely empty, and making them hard to get would put a nice in-between weapon for chaotics to tier-90 weapons.

7. Max Guild: Please don't listen to people who ask for you to remove this as I'm sure a few will. I, personally, am years away from maxing and see no issue with an exclusive area for these players. However, can the questers please get something more? We have one lame cape that's as good as a skillcape, and that's it. I don't want to sound whiney, but things like the Completionist and Maxed titles, capes, and now a guild make it seem like you guys are glorifying the hardcore grinders, whilst the Lorehounds (despite the impending title) sit in the corner waiting for another quest. I realize you've heard this a thousand times, just thought I'd reiterate for emphasis.


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