Runescape Money Making Woodcutting Guide

Obviously, cut down normal trees. If you want to train fletching simultaneously (members only), then you can make arrow shafts from the logs if you have a knife. Also, if you want to train fire making, then you can make fires out of them.

Level 15-45:

Cut down oak trees. If you have fletching level high enough, then you can make oak bows(u), bank them, or sell them at general stores. If you have the rs gold, then buy the highest woodcutting axe you can use. Oaks give more experience over time, so if you want the experience and then do this to 45, if you want the Runescape money, then stop at 30 and cut willows.

Level 45-70:

Cut willows and bank them. Sell them for 25 each. If you want experience, then keep going to level 70, if you want the Runescape money, then cut yews at level 60.

Level 70+:

Cut yews and bank them. Sell them for 300 each. If you’re member want to cut magic trees, I suggest getting higher than level 75 woodcutting before you start. They sell for 1k+ on the forums.


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